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The faculty and staff believe that all students deserve to be surrounded by adults who believe students are capable of high achievement. Every child deserves to be in a safe, secure, supportive and structured learning environment. Here at Centerville High School, we strive to prepare students for success for life beyond high school whether it involves their post-secondary endeavors or work-force readiness. Our rigorous curriculum offers honors courses, Dual-Credit courses through Ivy Tech and Vincennes University as well as Advanced Placement courses. We believe that every child deserves teachers who meet the needs of their students through a variety of teaching strategies. These shared values and the partnership among staff, students, parents, and community members transform our school and lead to improved student achievement, success, and personal fulfillment.

Indiana Youth Survey – Grades 7-12: Centerville Senior High School Home

About the Survey

The Indiana Youth Survey, previously known as the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use Survey, has been serving Indiana schools and communities since 1991. Funded by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction, the survey is administered in the spring of even-numbered years, free of charge, in any Indiana school that wishes to participate. The self-report survey asks students in grades 6-12 a variety of questions about substance use, mental health, gambling, and potential risk and protective factors for these behaviors.
The survey is administered by the Institute for Research on Addictive Behavior at Indiana University-Bloomington, which was housed within the Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC) prior to 2017.

Purpose of the Survey

The Indiana Youth Survey is conducted for two purposes:

  • To provide local schools and their communities with valid estimates of the prevalence of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among their students, as well as mental health, gambling behaviors, and levels of risk and protective factors present in the students’ lives.
  • To provide the State of Indiana with similar estimates of prevalence on a statewide basis.

    Latest results:
  • All 52 seniors in Government this semester passed the naturalization test.